Best Solar String Lights for Camping

Best Solar String Lights for Camping

When camping out or doing other outdoor activities, light is not as easily accessible, and this is due to the lack of electricity or outlets out in nature. Luckily, there are plenty of solar-powered lighting options that you can take with you on your excursions.

These collect solar power during the day that you can then turn into light at night when you need it. It is also an inexpensive option, as sunlight is a renewable and free resource.

Read on for a roundup of some of the best solar string lights that you can hang around your campsite to keep everything illuminated, even on the darkest nights! 

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Lights

The Brightech Ambience Pro Solar lights are a set of solar lights that have a solar charger than can even collect enough solar power in the winter, keeping the lights on for around 8 hours. They are also waterproof, so they can be left outside even in inclement weather.

This set of solar-powered string lights has more than one setting. They can be set to twinkle or set to a slow fade, too. However, it is important to note that the on and off button does not make it easy to know whether or not you have turned the lights on. 

Brightown Solar String Lights

The Brightown Solar String lights are another option for camping lights. These are aesthetically pleasing, too, with an industrial look and unique shape to them. In addition, they are waterproof, so they can stand up to the elements and can be left outside. Another perk is that the bulbs are shatterproof, adding to their durability.

This, of course, makes them perfect for camping trips. This set of lights has about 6 hours of runtime, which should be more than enough for your needs. 

kolpop Solar String Lights

The kolpop Solar String Lights is a fairly large set, consisting of 120 bulbs on the string. This can be great for larger campsites or if you are camping with a larger group of people. There are plenty of settings, too, as the lights come with 8 different settings to choose from.

The batteries on the kolpop Solar String Lights last longer than some of the other models of string lights on this list. They can last up to 12 hours if on a full charge, which should be more than enough to light your site once the sun goes down. 

MPOWERD Luci Solar Powered Lights

The MPOWERD Luci Solar Lights is a very popular model. It has the capacity to be powered by solar, of course, but it also includes a USB port so that you can charge it up with electricity in a pinch, too. If the battery is at full charge, it can be expected to last up to a whopping 20 hours.

This can last you a few days if you are on a longer camping trip, rather than a quick overnight campout. 

Binval Solar Fairy Christmas String Lights

The Binval Solar Fairy Christmas String Lights are another good option for camping. Yes, they have Christmas in the name, but that does not mean they can only be used around the holidays!

They are water resistant, making them durable when outside in the elements, and they charge up quickly, in about 6 hours. In addition, this model of solar lights is easy to hang up around your backyard or campsite.

The lights are spaced out well on the wires so they are not too cramped or only illuminating one area. However, the wires are thin, so this is something to be careful of when putting the lights up. 

Semilits Solar String Lights

The Semilits Solar String Lights are unique because they are decorative, too, in addition to being functional for your camping trips. They are shaped like honeybees and emit a warm, white light.

They can be used on your patio or on a camping trip, too! They are waterproof, so they will be safe even when you leave them out in wet or rainy conditions.

The Semilits Solar String Lights can be charged to give up to 8 hours of light, which should be plenty of light for a quick camping trip. 

Soco Solar Rope String Lights

The Soco Solar Rope String Lights are a strong contender for solar lighting options. Rope lights such as these ones are easy to set up, as the lights are located on the ropes themselves.

They can be easily strung around trees or other areas of your campsite. You can even wrap them around tree trunks if the branches of the trees are out of reach. Like the other options on this list, they are waterproof.

Plus, the solar panel that is included is able to charge up the lights in 6 hours or less, giving you plenty of energy to light your campsite through the night. 

Windpnn Star-Shaped Solar String Lights

The Windpnn Star Shaped Solar String Lights are another cute lighting option, similar to the Semilitis model. These particular lights are shaped like stars, and can be used both inside and outside.

They are waterproof, as outdoor lighting should be, meaning that they are durable enough to be out in the elements with you on your camping trip. The lights also have 8 different modes of lighting, from a slow glow to a quick flash. They even come in different color options for the stars, too! 

Irecey Solar String Globe Lights

The Irecey Solar String Globe Lights have plenty of battery charge, and are able to last up to 15 hours on one charge! This is more than what you would need for an overnight camping trip, so this model can be great for you if you like to go on longer excursions.

They also come with NI-MH batteries so that you are not only reliant on solar power to light your site. However, it is important to note that the white light these bulbs give off has been said to be harsh or severe. 

Bomcosy Solar String Lights

Last, but not least, on the list, is the Bomcosy Solar String Lights. They have a length of 100 feet, making them great for lighting up large spaces or large campsites. They are also waterproof, with a high waterproof rating. They can be left out in your backyard or on your campsite, rain or shine.

There is also a remote that comes with these lights, in order to adjust the lighting modes and dim the bulbs when you need them to. However, sometimes the bulbs allow water to enter, which is of course a concern!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are solar outdoor string lights worth it?

Whether or not solar outdoor strings are worth it for you will depend upon some factors such as how much time you spend outside and how often you are doing outdoor activities after dark.

However, if you do spend time outdoors, such as camping or even just sitting outside on your patio, solar outdoor lights can be well worth the price. They are a bit more expensive up front, but the energy that powers them is free and comes from the sun! You will save on electricity costs. 

How do you hang string lights when camping?

When you are camping, string lights can be a great way to illuminate your site. Whether you are camping with an RV or motorhome or camping with a tent, you can still use string lights.

With a vehicle, you can hang string lights from the awning or the side of the motorhome or vehicle. If you are camping with a tent, though, you can hang them on the pop-up shelter or the kitchen area. You can even hang them from the trees if there are low-hanging branches. 

What are the best solar fairy lights to buy?

There are many options of solar fairy lights, or solar string lights, as they are also referred to. What the best option is will also depend upon your budget and other factors, such as the length of the lights that you need.

Some of the solar fairy lights that come highly recommended, though, are the Brightown Solar String Lights and kolpop Solar String Lights. These solar fairy lights can be great for outdoor activities like camping or just sitting around the firepit in your backyard. 

What are the best lights for a tent?

If you are camping out overnight, you will definitely want some sort of light source to bring with you. This could be string lights for your campsite, or you may choose to use a lantern that you can keep in the tent with you for easy access when you need it.

Some of the camping lanterns that come highly recommended are the COLEMAN Duo Panel Light Lantern, the Coleman Batteryguard 200 Lantern, and the Eurohike 1W LED ORB Light as well. You will want to ensure your lantern is either battery-operated or runs on solar power. 

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