Solar Blankets for Camping

Solar Blankets for Camping

Solar power is a valuable renewable resource, and it can be used to power your home appliances, as well as for other similar purposes. Solar power can even be collected through the use of something that is known as a solar blanket. With the rise of uses of solar power come some interesting new applications such as solar blankets.

A solar blanket is a mat or blanket that collects solar energy like a solar panel or solar energy system would. However, it is not rigid like a solar panel is.

Read on for some suggestions on solar blankets that you can take with you to keep you charged up on your next camping trip! 

Sunman Portable Solar Blanket

The Sunman solar blanket is one of the top solar blankets for camping trips. It is very durable, which is perfect for camping trips out in nature. This blanket is made from a material that has been patented. It is a composite material that is close to the kind that is used for airplanes, making the Sunman solar blanket very sturdy. It also has an output that is comparable to high grade solar panels on buildings. The Sunman solar blanket has a 5 year warranty, too. 

Enerdrive Solar Blanket

The Enerdrive solar blanket is another great option. Enerdrive as a company is widely known for having a wide array of power sources, not only heated solar blankets! The materials used in an Enerdrive solar blanket help to reduce micro fractures, making the blanket able to be used for longer. Durability can also be seen in the blanket’s heavy duty stitching, and it features fold out legs for better angling towards the sun. You can find several options for the Enerdrive solar blanket. They come in 120w, 160w, and 240w solar panel sections. 

EvaKool Ultralight Solar Blanket

The EvaKool Ultralight solar blanket is one that is easy to pack up, so it can be great for on the go! It is one of the more portable options included on this list. It features an ETFE solar panel, which means that it is better able to stand up to environmental stressors and the elements. This also means that it is a great choice for your camping trip! These kinds of solar panels can be used over a wide range of temperatures, too. THe EvaKool Ultralight blanket is shatterproof and has A grade cells, and is designed to be plenty durable for all of your outdoor adventures. 

Korr Solar Blanket

The Korr solar blanket is another option for a solar camping blanket. This blanket is unique in that it has a croc skin cell armor. This cell armor functions to provide a protective barrier for the solar panels and blanket, protecting them against high temperatures in order to prevent deterioration. This helps to increase the lifespan of the blanket and its efficiency as well. It is quick and easy to set up, and does not need any tools. In addition, it comes with a controller that is detachable and waterproof, too. 

Engel Solar Blanket 

Last but not least is the Engel solar blanket. This solar blanket is versatile, and able to work in even low light settings, which is not something that all solar blankets are able to achieve. It can also work with any device that has a USB port. The Engel solar blanket comes with a solar charge controller and a carry bag of other attachments or accessories that can make your outdoor excursion easier, whether you are camping, hiking, or backpacking! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What solar blanket is best?

The solar blanket that is best for you will depend on a few factors, like your individual needs and your electronics that will need to be powered, for instance. However, some of the most recommended solar blankets for outdoors or camping purposes include the EvaKool Ultralight Solar Blanket and the Sunman Portable Solar Blanket eArc 240w. Another great solar blanket option is the Engel Solar Blanket Power Film 60W. There is a solar blanket out there for every set of needs and every budget! 

What do you do with a solar blanket in the winter?

If you have a solar camping blanket, then it is perfect for camping trips or other outdoor activities where you may not have access to electricity! However, there is not as much sunlight for the solar blanket to collect in the winter months. Many people elect to put their solar blankets in storage for the winter, keeping them safe until they can be brought back out in sunnier weather. To properly store your solar blanket, you should first clean it and dry it. The, fold it up so that it can be stored away in a safe spot! 

What does a solar blanket do?

A solar blanket can refer to both a solar blanket for people, which are often used on camping trips, or a solar pool cover blanket. Both of these kinds of solar blanket collect solar energy for differing purposes. A camping blanket will collect solar energy to power electronics, while a solar pool cover blanket warms the water in the pool, and then keeps it warm while it is covered up. For a pool cover, it should be kept on whenever the pool is not in use to keep it warm enough. 

Can you lay a solar blanket on the ground?

Yes, you can lay your solar powered blanket on the ground if you like. However, it is typically better to prop it up at an angle to the sun! Some solar blankets come with legs for this purpose. With solar blankets, it is important to avoid bunching or folding the blanket up on top of itself, as this can damage the solar panels that collect the sun’s energy. If you are laying a solar blanket on the ground, you will want to be sure that you are doing so in a way that the blanket is able to lie flat. 

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